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v2rayNG will use VpnService to create a network proxy server to provide basic functional services. This app does not collect or share personal information, and the personal data generated is always saved on your device. The open-source code can be found at the project address and users can easily review it.

When we talk about the V2rayNG APK 32-bit application, we cannot fail to mention the revolutionary features and convenience it brings to the users. This application has attracted the attention of millions of people around the world due to its tremendous power to bypass firewalls.

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Introduce v2rayNG APK

In the ever-evolving landscape of the digital age, one thing remains constant. This is the quest for unlimited internet access. As we navigate this dynamic cyberspace, it becomes important to be equipped with tools that ensure privacy, security, and seamless connectivity. Designed to bypass geo-restrictions and censorship and maintain strong online anonymity. This utility has attracted many fans due to its efficiency, ease of use, and variety of features.

V2rayNG APK Old Version is a powerful anonymous networking app that allows you to easily access blocked websites and protect your personal information from online tracking. Developed based on V2ray technology, this application provides optimal performance and security. Learn more about the special features of the V2rayNG app window.

Features of v2rayNG APK For Android

  • The appeal of the V2rayNG APK file lies in its impressive set of features that cater to both beginners and experienced internet users.
  • Powerful Access: V2rayNG APK Google Play allows you to access websites blocked by your network firewall at fast and consistent speeds.
  • Keep your personal information safe: The app encrypts your data and anonymizes your online activity, so you can browse the web safely and privately.
  • Cross-platform: With support for multiple platforms, you can use V2rayNG Android on both mobile and desktop.
  • From advanced routing capabilities to flexible protocol selection, it offers great flexibility. Users can adjust the connection configuration to ensure optimal speed and security.
  • The application also supports a large number of proxy protocols, allowing users to choose the protocol that best suits their needs.

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How To Use V2rayNG APK

To start using the V2rayNG APP APK, simply download and install the app from the respective app store on your device.

Then open the app, follow the simple instructions to connect, and start browsing the web freely and securely.

Once installed, you can easily configure proxy settings, choose from different protocols, and fine-tune your connection.

An intuitive user interface simplifies the setup process. A comprehensive user manual is also available to guide you step-by-step.

Tips and Advice When Using V2rayNG APK

Customize your settings: If you want to customize your usage experience, use the in-app customization options to adjust the settings to your liking.

Check your connection speed: Your connection speed may affect your experience. Test speeds regularly and switch servers if necessary.

Choose a secure server: Always connect to a reliable and secure server to protect your data and anonymity.

Regular Updates: Always update to the latest version of the app to benefit from improvements and security enhancements.

Use a VPN: Consider connecting the V2rayNG Mobile APK with a reliable VPN for an extra layer of security.

Advantages and Disadvantages of V2rayNG APK For iOS


  • Flexibility: Supports multiple protocols.
  • Anonymity: Keep your online activities private.
  • Bypass restrictions: Access geo-restricted content with ease.
  • User Friendly: The intuitive interface makes it accessible to everyone.
  • Protect personal information effectively.
  • Convenient on multiple platforms.


  • Technical knowledge may be required to take full advantage of the features.
  • Complex Configuration: Advanced configurations can be difficult for beginners.
  • Depending on server quality: Your experience may vary depending on the performance of the server you choose.

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With powerful features and the best privacy protection, the V2rayNG APK is the best choice for those who want to access the Internet safely and freely. A flexible and powerful tool, the V2rayNG APP APK is a testament to our unwavering commitment to a secure and free internet. Pick it up and start your journey to internet freedom today.

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  • Optimize settings
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