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Sunbo APK follows a strict regulatory framework, completed FinCEN review and approval, obtained an MSB banking license in February 2022, and operates international services by various legal provisions, licenses, and regulations.

Since its listing in 2020, Chambord has an attractive trading contract model with eight options. Our mission is to provide value-added services to the entire crypto ecosystem. Safety, reliability, and risk management are our top priorities. Sunbo App is one of the most trusted cryptocurrency trading platforms in the world.

In December 2022, Sambo will officially enter the Turkish market per the requirements of the International Digital Currency Regulatory Authority. After a few days of development, the number of users in Turkey exceeded 5,000, but this was just the beginning. We have a five-year plan.

Sunbo Ap Apk

About Sunbo APK

Sunbo APK is working on developing its 8 major digital currency options in the world. Since its listing, the U.S. exchange has expanded into European and Southeast Asian stock markets. We have always prioritized user-centric principles in our development, which is why we have gained a large number of users all over the world.

It offers a “1.93” ratio option, giving users a reasonable return on investment and allowing Sunbo to make a profit on every trade to ensure safe and successful trades. I agree to these terms.

When cryptocurrencies emerge, we create something new that changes the world. At the same time, we’re building a smart and creative team passionate about bringing resources and convenience to the world. With the introduction of the “14%” commission incentive policy and the number of users increasing day by day, the future of Sunbo App APK is safe and positive.

Sunbo APK Features

Regulatory Compliance: MSB is committed to strict regulatory compliance and has passed FinCEN inspection and compliance. MSB is expected to receive its financial license in February 2022.

Global Operations: This Platform operates around the world and complies with various licenses and regulations in different jurisdictions to legally provide the Services.

Fairtrade Contract Model: Sunbo follows a Fairtrade Contract Model with eight options aimed at providing value-added services to the crypto ecosystem.

User-centric approach: Sunbo application development is user-centric and its services are used by millions of users around the world.

Safety and Security: As one of the most trusted crypto trading platforms, safety, reliability, and risk management are Sunbo’s top priorities.

Payout options: It offers a payout ratio of “1.93”, allowing users to benefit from the site and get a decent return on investment.

Global Expansion: The Bank has expanded its reach and influence in financial markets from the United States to Europe and Southeast Asia.

Access to the Turkish market: Official and legal access to the Turkish market with a rapidly growing user base.

Ambitious plans: Considering the increasing scarcity of cryptocurrencies, the platform has a five-year plan to bring revolutionary changes to the crypto world.

Commission Incentive: Sunbo App implements a “14%” commission incentive policy to encourage user engagement and ensure the long-term success of the site.

Sunbo App


Sunbo is committed to creating eight major digital currency exchange options in the world. Since its listing, the financial market in the United States has spread to the financial markets in Europe and Southeast Asia.

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