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Test Server CODM Season 7 APK - Call of Duty Mobile, the most anticipated FPS mobile game of the century, is here thanks to Tencent Games.
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15 July 2022
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Test Server CODM Season 7 APK – Call of Duty Mobile, the most anticipated FPS mobile game of the century, is here thanks to Tencent Games. The graphics in this shooter are amazing and the touch controls are amazingly easy to pick up and play.

The speed and shooting feel are top-notch on older smartphones, with easy access to secondary weapons and capabilities. There is also a “Simple” mode in which the weapon automatically shoots when pointed at the enemy. Click on the download button above to start the fight.

Why Choose Test Server CODM Season 7 APK?

Call of Duty fans will find that Activision has bought together the popular Modern Warfare and Black Ops maps, converting keyboard/mouse gameplay to touch controls. This online mobile game has the same flow and combat shooting experience as the console and PC versions. It offers modes similar to Team Deathmatch, Domination, Gun Game Mode, and much more. In this mode, you’ll be the first player to score a kill with 20 different weapons.

Test Server CODM Season 7 APK supports two basic modes which are further classified into their own categories. Battle Royale has a team of 4 players and is free for all 100-player matches that are needed to survive till the end. The second mode is called Multiplayer Mode. In this mode, you have a team of 5 players. The 5vs5 match is short, but it lasts a few minutes due to the hard-hitting and counting of points. New mods will continue to be added in the latest update of Call of Duty Mobile and will come every new season. Visit the developer’s website to find the latest news and new maps.

Along with multiplayer, there is a 100-player battle royale mode. It is similar to Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout. Not a single map, but in the larger Test Server CODM Season 7 APK environment, the location of the multiplayer map will be integrated into the larger BR map. .. Call of Duty If you survive till the end on mobile, the BR match will last for about 15 minutes. The winner then brings back battle points which improve his rank and overall position.test-server-codm-season-7-apk-apkguy.com

About Test Server CODM Season 7 APK:

Test Server CODM Season 7 APK has no annoying pop-up ads and you can play as many games as you want until your mobile battery runs out. Click on the download button above to download the APK file. This game is large and the file size is large, so you will have to wait until the download is complete. Please comment below and let us know if you enjoyed the game. Also, check out other similar FPS shooters like PUBG Mobile.

The latest game update was released in April, updating important in-game features. Switch popular mobile shooters to new playlists, modes, seasonal challenges, and events. The latest season is officially titled Season 3: Tokyo Escape and the latest update was released for Android on April 17th. It has replaced Season 2 and has been consistently rolling out the full list of challenges for the season since its release in March. And, as you know with each new season release, the slate for the new season will be cleared. This is where you see players immersed in a theme inspired by ancient Japan.

Get new maps, playlists, weapons, and event hosts in Season 3: Tokyo Escape. And perhaps most exciting are those two new game modes. The first mode is called Night Mode 2.0. You should be able to find and eliminate your enemies with a pair of battery-powered night-vision goggles. However, you will no longer be able to keep your glasses on during the entire match and instead have to use them cleverly. The second season is called Swords and Stones. This operator deploys using only melee weapons and grenades. You need to eliminate enemies to increase movement and attack speed and fight for shadow blade operator skills while airdropping on the map. We hope you enjoy the update. Don’t forget to comment below.

Features of Test Server CODM Season 7 APK:

There are quite a few games in the mobile game market called Call of Duty, but these games are not official versions and do not provide the best experience for the players. Recently, Activision decided to enter the mobile market when it announced via Variety that it would be working with Tencent to develop a Call of Duty mobile game called Call of Duty Mobile APK.

Apart from other games like Battlefield and Brothers in Arms, Call of Duty is one of the top FPS game brands in the world. The war-themed games feature images of soldiers on the battlefield, spectacular victories, and even soldier sacrifices.

Currently, the alpha version of the game is being tested in China and will require players to register the Call of Duty Mobile APK using their Chinese IP. Maybe they want to fix the problem and make a stable version before releasing it globally.

Be a Great Soldier:

In Call of Duty Mobile, become a soldier and participate in the most realistic battles on mobile. In the intensity of the battle, you need to fight and defeat your enemies to gain life for yourself and your comrades. The game’s HUD will continue to use the familiar MFi-style FPS game with virtual navigation keys on the left and some function keys on the right. You can change the HUD in the settings if you want.test-server-codm-season-7-apk-apkguy.com

Call Of Duty Legend Of War Gameplay:

Similar to the main screen PC/console version of COD Mobile, the game offers Test Server CODM Season 7 APK classic modes such as Team Deathmatch, Frontline, and many other modes. Challenge other players from around the world and take part in the most devastating wars on mobile. In addition to the mods, Call of Duty Mobile also has some maps for alternate players such as Natuown, Crash, and Hijacked. What is the Good News? Zombie Mode is now available. You can choose between campaign mode and story mode.


As a soldier, guns are an indispensable friend on the battlefield. The firepower of a gun is important but most important is the skill to use it. Activision has updated many familiar weapons such as SMGs, MGs, snipers, and rifles. Not only that, you can continue to upgrade and customize your favorite weapons, including adding scopes and using supplies like Red Dot and Hodo. , silencers, pills, and other drops.


Speaking of characters, you can choose from iconic characters from Call of Duty, such as Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Call of Duty Ghosts. In this game, you can evolve your character by upgrading perks, weapons, and skills to unlock, or by using colors and skins to enhance your character’s aesthetics. Build your own “Super Soldier”.

Excellent Graphic Quality:

The game has excellent graphics. This cannot be denied. Call of Duty Mobile uses Unreal Engine 4 graphics technology to deliver a great visual experience. From the image above, you can see that the graphics of this game are very similar to Tencent’s famous survival game PUBG Mobile. Maybe Tencent “borrowed” the graphics? Buildings, trees, tanks, helicopters … resemble real battles from the past. What’s more, the effects of the bombs and the sound effects make the fight even more intense.

How to Download Test Server CODM Season 7 APK:

  1. First, go to the bottom of the page and click the download link provided.
  2. Test Server CODM Season 7 APK will be downloaded on your phone.
  3. Go to Settings, then Security.
  4. Activate unknown sources.
  5. Find the APK file on your phone.
  6. Launch the App which you have Download the file and follow the instructions.
  7. If you have a problem installing any app please contact us.

Additional Information on Test Server CODM Season 7 APK:

App Name Test Server CODM Season 7 APK
File Size 766 MB
Latest Version v0.0.45.10332
Android Version Android 5.0+
Developer Activision Publishing, Inc.
Last Updated 15 July 2022
Category Action.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is Test Server CODM Season 7 APK Free?

A: Test Server CODM Season 7 APK is free software with unlimited options. Switching free to a professional mod is a bit costly. But you can get APK completely free from here.

Q: How to get Test Server CODM Season 7 APK for android from apkguy.com?

A: This is excessively simple. Since I have shared this software for free in this article, you do not need to go anywhere else. Download this amazing app from apkguy.com. and share your experience with your family and friends.

Q: is it legal to use Apk file?

A: APK files are fully authorized apps format, till the time it’s not being misused. If you have low storage on your phone and you want to have a significant app then the Apk file is the best choice. Also, there are a lot of apps unavailable on the google play store with the play store also being banned in some regions, Apk files are the best you can have with no worry.

Q: Is this site safe to download this and other Apk files?

A: Yes, this site is totally safe to download other app files.


In this article, we have tried to describe Test Server CODM Season 7 APK well with frequently asked questions. After reading all the points, it will be clear to understand every aspect of the personal tool. In conclusion, we come to the point that Test Server CODM Season 7 APK is the only one in the world of Apk entertainment with such diverse and fantastic features.

The free version is very helpful to learn about its features and then turn to premium features. Then we told you clearly about its safety. If you have a problem, scroll down to this page. We have discussed all matters in simple terms. However, if you have any problems or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our competent team will help you as soon as possible. So, feel free to download the app and share it with your family and friends too.

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