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Shillong Teer Result Today is played every week from Monday to Saturday where 2 rounds are conducted and the results of the first and second rounds are declared at 4 PM and 5 PM respectively.

The government sees good potential in the game. Meghalaya has legalized the game as “Shillong’s Thirteen”.

You can bookmark our website to get daily updates about Shillong Teer Result Today results as we update new results every day.

The Government of Meghalaya always announces the results of Meghalaya Shillong Thirteen. Round-wise, the results of the first round will be declared at 3.30 pm and the results of the second round of Shillong Arrows will be declared at 4.40 pm.

Also, we share the Shillong Teer Result Common Numbers List for those players who can analyze the past results to have a better idea of ​​upcoming Shillong Tier Numbers.

Note: We advise all Shillong Arrows game lovers not to take any kind of loan to play this game as it is a gamble where you can lose everything.

In general, Shillong Teer players are more interested in past results as this data provides in-depth analysis based on their past results and helps in selecting the right tier number by applying certain mathematical formulas.

Shillong Teer Result Today

Shillong Arrows results of today’s games in Meghalaya on 13/03/2022:

As we told you earlier, this game is played 6 days a week where 2 rounds are conducted daily. In each round, 50 archers fired 30 arrows, aiming to be located 50 yards away.

When the round is over, the arrows shot at the target are counted and the result of the round is declared.

The last two numbers out of the total number of arrows hitting the target are declared as the final result of the round. If 445 arrows hit the target then the final result will be 45 marks.

As these results are declared on a daily basis, you can check Shillong Teer Result Today 2022 on our website today. Stay tuned and refreshed with us to get the latest and updated Shillong Thirteen results every day.

Shillong Arrows In order to increase your chances of winning a good amount, one should closely inspect and analyze the list of past results of Shillong Arrows.

By doing this you can capture the way you win the game. Sports experts recommend checking the previous result list of Shillong Arrows frequently.

It is not enough to check the list of Shillong Thirteen results of the previous day, you also need to apply some mathematical formula on these results which will increase your chances of winning the game.

Shillong Teer Result Today

Shillong Teer Result Today game result 2022 today:

Check out the shared table below where the Shillong Tears results for the previous month are given.

Note: Analyzing the results of Old Shillong Teer Result Today guarantees that you will win the game, but it does guarantee that your chances of winning will increase.

Before sharing more details, we would like to explain to you better about the Shillong Teer game, how it became so popular in Meghalaya and why the Meghalaya government was formed. Thinking of spreading this game to other countries.

It is a very popular betting game or we can say, it is a unique game of numbers where players have to place their bets on numbers from 0 to 99 (these numbers are briefly mentioned below).

To improve accuracy, players choose numbers based on past results, normal numbers, and club numbers.

This is the only game in India where you can earn money through your last night’s dream. Yes, we are not kidding, players also choose numbers based on their dreams.

These numbers are called dream numbers in Shillong Arrow terminology.

There are different numbers to interpret dreams, for example, if you see a man in a dream, the number is 6, for a woman it is 5, for water, it is 7, for an erotic dream For it is 17.

Shillong Teer Result Today game result 2022 today:

According to the Meghalaya State Government, the game of Shillong Ter is completely legal in the state. The game is run by the Khasi Hills Archery Sports Federation where 12 archery clubs are involved.

The Meghalaya government has licensed 5,000 counters to sell lottery tickets, out of which one can earn up to Rs 8,000 by investing just Rs 100.

Shillong Teer Result Today

Shillong Teer Target Hit Number Today 2022

Lottery Name Meghalaya State Lottery
Game Shillong Teer
State Name
City Shillong
Game owned and authorized by Meghalaya Government, Under the Amusement and Betting Tax Amendment
Category Lottery Results
Result Date 12.03.2022
Result Timings First Round- 10:30, 11:30
Second Round- 3:30, 4.30 pm
Legal or Illegal It is Legal
Lottery Ticket price 300 Rupees – 500 Rupees
Lottery winning amount 8000 Rupees – 11000 Rupees
Shillong Teer Played at Polo Ground of Capital City
Shillong Teer Game Protected Under Meghalaya Amusements and Betting Tax (Amendment) Act 1982

Shillong thirteen results first round:

Shillong 13th Round 1 will start at 3.45 pm and the results of this round will come at 4.15 pm In this round 50 archers shoot 30 arrows on each target. Those who predicted the Shillong Teer dream number correctly in the initial round will be paid Rs 80 per Re 1 ticket bet.

Shillong thirteen results second round results:

Shillong Arrow Round 1 starts at 4.45 PM and the results for this round will be declared at 5.15 PM. In this round, 50 archers fired 20 arrows on each target. Those who correctly predicted the preliminary round tier dream number will be paid Rs 60 for every Re 1 ticket.

However, participants who predict the number of rounds will get money. 4,000 for every 1 ticket.

What is the Thirteenth Sutra of Shillong?

TEER making number formula is not available all over the internet.

TEER numbers are based on mathematical formulas. You can find tips and ideas about tear number formulas on our website.

Shillong Teer Result Today counter result time:

  • We would like to tell you that in addition to sports, many level sports are organized in Meghalaya.
  • Tear counters in Khanapara, Manipur, and Juwai are also very popular among the players. You can see below the result timings for all the famous teardrop sports.
  • The official timing for the Shillong Teer Counter results is 4 PM for the first round and 5 PM for the second round.
  • The official results of Khanapara Tier Counter are out at 4 PM for the first round and 5 PM for the second round.
  • The results for the first and second rounds of Juwai Tir Counter were declared at 2:35 pm and 3:15 pm, respectively.
  • Shillong Teer Game Glossary
  • Making money through teardrop lottery games is not easy for everyone, so here are some tips to help you guess the right number.
  • Professional tear game players have already suggested that he should have a good knowledge of tear game terminology if he wants to increase his chances of winning the game.
  • These words are also important for breaking the Shillong game so read and understand them carefully.

How is Shillong different from the lottery?:

In the lottery, the winner is announced by drawing a lucky number, but in the game of tears, the winner is determined by the number of ‘tears’ (arrow) shots. This is the main difference between a lottery and a game of tears.

Shillong Arrow is one of the traditional archery games played in Meghalaya and is legal in the state under the rules framed under the Meghalaya Recreation and Betting Tax Act.

Shillong Teer Result Today Previous Result List Chart 2022:

In order to earn good money on Shillong beaches, one must invest one’s time in analyzing and observing the past results. By doing this you can capture the way you win the game.

We are not saying that it will give you 100% accuracy but it will definitely increase your chances of winning.

One month previous results of Shillong Teer.

Date First Round (F/R) Second Round (S/R)
12-03-2022 16 14
11-03-2022 87 60
10-03-2022 62 32
09-03-2022 19 12
08-03-2022 46 31
07-03-2022 50 94
05-03-2022 21 NILL
04-03-2022 01 35
03-03-2022 23 47
02-03-2022 01 97
01-03-2022 38 96
28-02-2022 06 14
26-02-2022 24 65
25-02-2022 18 32
24-02-2022 51 39
23-02-2022 45 52
22-02-2022 55 36
19-02-2022 48 71
18-02-2022 73 31
17-02-2022 18 46
16-02-2022 49 17
15-02-2022 27 32
14-02-2022 95 42
13-02-2022 NILL NILL
12-02-2022 72 34
11-02-2022 98 31
10-02-2022 83 52
09-02-2022 98 55
08-02-2022 53 43
07-02-2022 31 57
05-02-2022 01 52
04-02-2022 13 26
03-02-2022 03 50
02-02-2022 15 76
01-02-2022 58 95
31-01-2022 59 79
29-01-2022 31 36
28-01-2022 67 83
27-01-2022 86 95
25-01-2022 58 03
24-01-2022 11 80
22-01-2022 93 80
20-01-2022 44 72
19-01-2022 08 82
18-01-2022 39 72
17-01-2022 99 24
15-01-2022 44 18
14-01-2022 11 15
13-01-2022 27 10
12-01-2022 45 35
11-01-2022 16 38
10-01-2022 90 62
08-01-2022 13 16
07-01-2022 31 24
05-01-2022 39 15
04-01-2022 50 84
03-01-2022 38 32

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